When he only wants sex

when he only wants sex

when he only wants sex

 · I met this guy and he's 19 and in college and we've been friends for about 6 months. He's made it clear that he only wants sex and isn't interested in a relationship because he's in college. I want sex and to fool around with him too but I would definitely be open to the idea of being his girlfriend if he was intereseted. I told my old sister about him and she called him a douchebag.

"To most women, Ryan Armstrong is irresistible-just the way he likes it! But beyond business, the unbelievably sexy Ryan's only commitment is to playing the field! Laura, however, refuses to be yet another notch on Ryan's bedpost. She has no time for arrogant men, least of all one who can see through her severe suits to the woman within. Ryan ...

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